Values on Public Speaking

Currently, I already realize that there is a transaction of effort and benefit when someone come to our pesentation. In my marketing class, value define as the benefit you got after you do the efforts. Sometimes, the amount of money that you paid can be categorized as “efforts”. The same concept also happen in presentation. The audience effort is coming to your presentation. Then, you have to delivered the value that they needed and wanted.

Discussing about lecture in my bachelor degree college, I realize something about this “efforts vs value”. I don’t know why, the value gave by the lecturer seems still ordinary only. They still the same Power Point presentation with last year lecture. Evidenced by print out Power Point presentation which printed by my lecture-mates. The lecturer, speak only about those content of presentation. It still, looks like its the same content on last year they speak about. There is no something new, from the copy of notes last year students on same lecture.

I don’t know what insight truly happen for my lecturers here. Is there only about salary? or the real problem itself is all students? who don’t know give better effort, so they deliver lecture ordinarily?

A new lesson learn for us : how to deliver presentation in perfect combination of value : innovation of content and which methods will be used. This two point of differentiation, I got from my college now. I admire all lecturers in my class since they have his/her own way in delivering lecture and the truly innovative. A lecturer many used task first, then discuss about it then. Other, give lecture on a half class-time but then give time for us present and discuss about cases with her. They’re seems give more value than only stand up in front of the class and speak the same content using the same Power Point presentation with last year.

I found two point on these my writing, hope it useful for me. Also, for you have read this article. Hehehe : )

8 thoughts on “Values on Public Speaking

  1. Ikhwan, aku suka caramu menulis di artikel ini, kek artikel-artikel di majalah-majalah gtu lah..
    bahasanya sederhana, tapi istilahnya sangat mengistilah, hmm, gini maksutnya, kalo qta baca text book farmasi, pasti istilahnya itu-itu aja…kebayang gak..?
    Wina like this.. 🙂


    • hehe.. ni masih belajar menulis,win..
      pengennya sekali nulis tuh bisa langsung jadi..
      jadi feel tulisan kita bener2 terasa ma orang lain,win..

      anyway, thanks yah 🙂


  2. Kak, di salah satu buku yg puti baca, supaya presentasi semakin baik, kelima indera penonton harus dipuaskan. Jadi sebaiknya harus ada objek yg bisa dilihat, didengar, dipegang, dicicip dan dicium.

    Kalau dilihat dan didengar kan udah biasa tuh, skrg gimana caranya supaya 3 yang lain juga ada. Contohnya presentasi tentang perusahaan coklat. Produk coklatnya dibawa, dibagi2kan ke penonton sehingga mereka bisa cium baunya, merasakan tekstur coklatnya, dan mencicipi rasanya


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