Organization Trends in Modern Workplace

  1. Differentiation, involves the creation of differences through a division of labor-that is, having different people working at different tasks individually and in groups
  2. Integration, is the coordination of results so that some common purposes is achieved
  3. Shorter chains of command, line authority that vertically links all persons with successively higer levels of management
  4. Wider spans of control, the number of persons reporting directly to manaher
  5. 5. Less unity of command
  6. More delegation and empowerment,

Delegation, the process of distributing and entrusting work to other persons

three steps in delegation

  • the manager assigns responsibility
  • the manager grants authority to act
  • the manager creates accountability

empowerment, giving others the authority to act and make decisions on their own, is an increasingly popular theme in today’s workplace

  1. Decentralization with centralization the formal approach is referred to as centralization; the latter is called decentralization
  2. Reduced staff component specialized staff, perform a technical service or provide special problem solving expertise for other parts of the organization

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